1- Ethanol Amine
Ethanol Amines include Monoethanolamides (MEAs), Diethanolamine (DEAs), and Triethanolamine (TEAs), which have many uses. Ethanolamine’s have different applications such as gas sweetening process, detergent, and lubricant, use in the formulation of special cleaners and detergents, in the formation of amine salts, and pH control. Also, in more cases such as concrete mixes, foam catalysts Flexible Urethane, pharmaceuticals, self-care products, agrochemicals, photographic emulsions, and various other applications.
Packing Type:
220-Liter Barrel
Packing Net Weight Packing Net Weight Gross Weight QTY in 20ft Net Weight in 20ft Net Weight in 20ft
Tolerance: +/-5%
Drum 210 KG 17-18 KG 228 KG 80 PCS 16.80 18.24 MT
Flexi Tank 20 MT 100 KG 22.1 MT 1 PCS 20 MT 20.1 MT

2- SLES 70%

SLES 70% (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate) (Texapon) (RO(CH2CH2O)nSO3Na) is a Palm-derived, high foaming, anionic surfactant used in the chemical formulating and detergent manufacturing industries. It is a higher foaming variation of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). We are in position to supply and export SLES 70% for your esteemed company with competitive prices, flexible payment terms, and required packaging. Therefore, we invite all the traders, distributors and end-users to try us with our quality services and competitive prices.

Detergent: SLES 70% is a highly concentrated anionic surfactant used as the most common ingredient in the formulations of laundry, cleaning and dishwashing detergents, personal care products and cosmetics.

Textile: Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate is used in wetting agent and cleanser in textile industry.

It is also used in Polymerization and Drilling Foam.


Packaging is in barrels and in quantities of 200, 170 or 220 kg – shipment is possible in bulk.

Barrels or tanks of this liquid composition must be made of plastic.

3- Soda Ash

Soda Ash is one of the most important industrial chemicals that is widely used in the production of other alkaline products, sodium salts and. Sodium carbonate is a chemical, solid, crystalline, powdery, odorless and desiccant. Sodium carbonate is known as the inorganic compound sodium, sodium salt, inorganic carbon compound, inorganic carbonic acid salt, and inorganic carbonate.

Soda is the common name for anhydrous sodium carbonate for industrial use. Its soda, or sodium carbonate, is the sodium salt of carbonic acid. This substance is normally white solid. Sodium carbonate is produced on an industrial scale through a solo process using ammonia, limestone and salt. One of the most important applications of sodium carbonate is its use in the glass industry.

Light Soda Ash

• 25 kg bags (inside jumbo bag)

• 50 kg bags (inside jumbo bag)

• 1-ton jumbo bags

Heavy Soda Ash

• 50 kg bags

• Jumbo bags 1 to 1.25 tons

4- Urea:

Urea fertilizers are widely used in the agriculture. They are considered an economic Nitrogen source. The chemical formula of Urea is CO(NH2)2. Commercial Urea fertilizers are produced by reacting Ammonia with Carbon Dioxide.

In its solid form, Urea is provided as either perils or granules. Granules are slightly larger than perils and are denser. Both periled and granular Urea fertilizers contain 46% Nitrogen.

Nitrogen leaching and volatilization rates are usually higher when using the prilled form. Therefore, granular Urea fertilizers are 15-20% more efficient than prilled.

Urea is also used as an animal feed additive and as an important raw material for the chemical industry.

Urea chemical formula: CON2H4 or (NH2)2CO

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Urea is delivered in bulk and in 40 and 50 kg bags.

5- Vinyl Acetate-VA
Vinyl Acetate-VA Grade -VAM
EVA is a copolymer consisting of vinyl acetate and ethylene. EVA properties in softness and flexibility are close to elastomeric materials, so it has the ability to compete with rubber and vinyl materials, for example in electrical applications. It should be noted that the processing of this copolymer can be done like other thermoplastic materials. Their main uses are coating, fumigation, extrusion and injection in the production of shoe soles, sheets, wires and cables, thermal adhesives and Ethylene vinyl acetate resin can be used in combination with other resins for various applications.